development of large used application on php 5

On my free time I work on an open source application called phpCollab, a php based project managment software. I love that application, and I use it normally for my own work to manage my clients on differents works.

Actually the development is very slowly, the first reason is that all the developer are very busy with their paid jobs and the second one is that the code isn’t very easy to manage (it has a lot of library file and code redundancies).

phpCollab has grown a lot and with a lot of different parents, so now there’s a lot of hard-reading code without a single line of comment :(.

Quite a month ago during an hack for a client, I’ve decided, for the next third release [maybe in the year 2135…. 😉 ], to rewrite all the code using php 5 (with a DB layer like creole/propel), a modular/pluggable approach like WP and off course a lot of ajax.

For the latest two item there wasn’t a problem, but some of community members were not very happy about the use of php5. Actually the software has quite 2 thousands (known) installation around the world and a lot of them are on old server with php older than 4.4.x and the users don’t want to have problem with php 5 incompatibilities. Maybe php 5 (and its goodies) isn’t yet well suited for an application like phpCollab? Or a pragmatic php 4 OO rewrite is enought?

Does anyone has some case studies about php 4 to 5 software migration?


Moka Drink

moka drink The moka drink is my personal caffeine drug. I love it, and I drink it since I was 8.

That is a wonderfull drink that can be bought only in Cosenza (Calabria, Italy) and is made only with coffee, carbonated water and sugar (mmh… it’s like a coffee-soda).

It has a very long story and is very appreciated in Cosenza but, I don’t know why, it isn’t reselled anywhere outside there.

Maybe I’ll suggest to the guys on ThinkGeek to add that on the caffeine category of their shop.


Performancing firefox plugin

This post was sent using Performancig for Firefox. This plugin has the ability to publish a post on different types of blog engine, actually are supported, blogger, typepad and personal installation of wp and movable.

It can use the categories of your blog, save the posts as draft and modify old posts.

Actually Performancing has some bugs, the bigger one is that if you try to switch from the rich-text view to the code view you’ll loose everything you wrote!