Nabaztag and WordPress

I wrote a little plugin for wordpress that uses the Nabaztag API. After its installation any time a new comment pass akismet the rabbit will read it automatically, a little bit too noisy on very commented blogs ;).

To download the plugin go here:


10 ideas to fill 10Gb of free hosting

How fill the 10Gb of space? Easy task! 😉

  1. upload minute by minute photos taken from my webcam for a whole year (decade?)
  2. backup “internet”… ops.. too big… ok backup 10Gb of the internet best archives 😉
  3. save the latest 3 years of all OSS abandonware ML
  4. create a vmware image online repository to use my “pc” everywhere
  5. backup all my mp3 inside steganography images, and the create a photoblog
  6. cat /dev/zero > 😉
  7. clone youtube, or at least porntube, best movie repository…
  8. save my country google maps on hires quality, and reuse with yahoo…
  9. donate as free upload archive 1Mb for every 10 cent donation to FSS or Unicef or Greenpeace or whatever
  10. convert my rna sequence in animated gif and upload them


How to reduce Firefox memory usage

If you use Fedora Core 5 you can disable Pango support within Firefox, this should reduce a lot the browser memory usage.

To disable it simply put inside your .bash_profile this export string:
Then logoff and login again.

Pango is used only for some particular languages (ie. indian) so if you don’t need to read site with those you’ll not note anything.

Gnome Slab for Fedora Core 5

guarda slab on fedora 5 on flickr

Tonight I’ve forged one on my first RPM package for Fedora Core 5, this package is SLAB the new Gnome menu created from Novell for the upcoming Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Actually SLAB isn’t very platform indipendend because it need some enhancement done by Novell to Gnome, ie. the latest used applications doesn’t work at all.

Moreover in the code there are some call to SuSe application (such YaST and Zen-Updater), I’ve hacked a little the schemas to use only Gnome, or at least Fedora, similar applications (ie. gnome-newtork-schema, gnome-yelp, Fedora pup and pirut).

I’ll upload the RPM as soon as possible on my official italian blog, so feel free to test it but remember that:

  • this is my first real RPM, I’ve not (yet) studied nothing about dependancies, lib or whatever 🙂
  • this is a package of a UNSTABLE software wrote for ANOTHER distro
  • Beagle should be enabled
  • To add the new main-menu applet to your panel after the installation you need to restart Gnome, a simple logoff should be fine.

If you use Ubuntu take a look here and here.


Here you can download the RPM archive: slab-0.6.2-8.i386.rpm. Here you can download the hacked sources slab-0.6.2.tgz


phpDay 3rd edition, some other news

As I sayd some days ago in Italian is started the organization of the 3rd Italian phpDay. This event is dedicated to all the php developers spread in the italian peninsula and not only and will be hosted by the University of Bari.

Who organize is the GrUSP, a national PUG, php user group, which I am member of.

Actually we’ve started the Call for Paper (open both in english and italian) and the Call for Sponsors for the companies which want to show their name in an event like that. There will be different kind of sponsorizationship, probably three, based on differents criteria.
I’ll talk about them as soon will be published on the official site.

Btw, this year the phpDay will have 2 differents paths one more technical and advanced and the other one easier and focuses also on php software.

  • in the advanced path the speakers can talks abouts new development methods, security and technics, frameworks and php-related problems (like server optimization and *sql problems)
  • in the presentation/introductive path the talks will be about software solutions write in and for php (ie. phpSomethings or Zend Studio) and other arguments like library how-to or introduction to the language.

Last edition phpDay had quite 400 visitors and will hope to increase that number this year!