Gnome Slab for Fedora Core 5

guarda slab on fedora 5 on flickr

Tonight I’ve forged one on my first RPM package for Fedora Core 5, this package is SLAB the new Gnome menu created from Novell for the upcoming Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Actually SLAB isn’t very platform indipendend because it need some enhancement done by Novell to Gnome, ie. the latest used applications doesn’t work at all.

Moreover in the code there are some call to SuSe application (such YaST and Zen-Updater), I’ve hacked a little the schemas to use only Gnome, or at least Fedora, similar applications (ie. gnome-newtork-schema, gnome-yelp, Fedora pup and pirut).

I’ll upload the RPM as soon as possible on my official italian blog, so feel free to test it but remember that:

  • this is my first real RPM, I’ve not (yet) studied nothing about dependancies, lib or whatever 🙂
  • this is a package of a UNSTABLE software wrote for ANOTHER distro
  • Beagle should be enabled
  • To add the new main-menu applet to your panel after the installation you need to restart Gnome, a simple logoff should be fine.

If you use Ubuntu take a look here and here.


Here you can download the RPM archive: slab-0.6.2-8.i386.rpm. Here you can download the hacked sources slab-0.6.2.tgz



22 pensieri su “Gnome Slab for Fedora Core 5

  1. you could generate a specfile by using checkinstall’s installwatch and autospec

    # installwatch -r . make install
    # cat logfile |autospec -w > specfile.spec

    then you may edit your specfile accordingly.

    I’ve tried to create a specfile for gnome-slab but it doesnt insert the gconf-schema into the database – making the panel applet unable to be added to the panel. I’m was hoping i could learn something from you specfile.

    haha, i juz realized that checkinstall can create a whole package automatically. before this i’m only using its installwatch app bcoz i didnt realize that the command is located at /usr/local/sbin (and i always try no to use root when forging RPMS)

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  3. Where did you download the original sources from? I’m also interested in making a proper Fedora rpm and would like to start from “pristine sources”

  4. It only works for me when i logon as root :/.
    I installed it seond time using -force…
    After second time i see /apps/panel/applets/applet_0 key.
    Before it was’nt in gconf.
    What do you tell mi about problem?
    Do you have this problem?

  5. Hi there, i used this this on FC5 and it worked very well. Recently i changed to FC6 and i can’t install this rpm any more… I get an error “Missing Dependency: is needed by package slab”. I realy got used to slab so i’d realy like to be able keep using it on fc6. So, could you make rpm’s for this version of fedora? i’d realy appreciate it. 🙂

  6. i am having the same error on Fedora 6,

    “Missing Dependency: is needed by package slab”, Could u Please make a package for Fedora 6 😦


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